After seeing a terrible DYI holiday decor tv show (picture plastic gourds strapped with pipe cleaners to a spray painted wreath, yick), I thought I should share my decorating.

Putting a christmas tree in my apartment would be a little too in-your-face…literally. So, I hung some garland instead. I used left over tulle from a wedding reception (when I’m asked if I would like to keep materials that are going to be trashed, I can’t say anything other than yes…), a string of big bulb white christmas lights (also given to me) and a bag of vintage ornaments from the thrift store.  Wrap lights in tulle, hang, add ornaments, plug in. done. christmassy, no tree required. Instead of a wreath, I tied green tulle into a giant frontdoor bow and hung another vintage ornament. So much more subtle than strapping 20 pounds of snow covered gourds/fake greens and battery operated candles to the door…also, the peep hole is left clear this way – I wouldn’t want to be unable to peep at my holiday guests before I let them in – you never know what kind of riffraff could be waiting on the other side.


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